Formation Evaluation Society of Malaysia (FESM)

Modern NMR logs were commercialized 30 years ago. Over the past 25 years, NMR logs have gained widespread use for formation characterization and fluid identification.

In this 45-minute presentation, we review the use of NMR logs for fluid identification. There are five basic methods of fluid identification from NMR and this talk provides an overview and examples of each, providing a good overview for Geologists, Engineers and Petrophysicists.

Guidelines are discussed for tool setup and job planning. 

Presenter biodata:

Brian Stambaugh has 39 years of oil and gas industry experience with 24 years of that consulting on projects worldwide. Graduating with a BSME from South Dakota School of Mines, initial assignments were with Schlumberger and as Computing Center Manager for Numar Corp. As a consultant (NMR Petrophysics LLC), he has taught 58 short courses on magnetic resonance logging, and bypassed/unconventional resources to over 1000 fellow Geoscientists since 1997. In addition to teaching, he provides Petrophysical studies as well as guidance and processing services on magnetic resonance logging to many oil/gas exploration and service companies.

Major consulting projects have included pioneering work for ConocoPhillips Cote D’Or Eagleford, Burlington/ConocoPhillips/Leor Savell and Amoruso Deep Bossier Fields, Marquette Exploration Utica, Lundin Petroleum Johan Sverdrup Field, and Kerr McGee Bohai Bay along with ongoing work on Eastern European discoveries.

Other recent and ongoing projects are in the Permian and Williston Basins. He has authored papers on NMR logging and served as an SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer and SPE Technology Update Speaker as well as providing AAPG short courses.

Formation Evaluation Society of Malaysia (FESM)