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Formation Evaluation Society of Malaysia (FESM)

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Baker Huges is sponsoring SPWLA student memberships for year 2016.
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6th Nov 2019 

Development of Shaly Sand Reservoirs In Mature Fields Topical Seminar 

Venue : W Hotel 


                               FESM Talk 

“Waterflood Injectivity Loss – A Multidisciplinary Root Cause Case History"

By : Dr. Rick Lemanczyk (Three60 Energy)

"Understanding Uncertainty in Sanding Potential for a Field with Limited Data"
By : Graeme Rae (GGRE Oil & Gas Integrated Subsurface Consulting)


​     Venue : Room 405, level 4 , KL Convention Centre
     Date   : 15 August 2019 (Thursday)
     Time   : 3 pm 
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